RepartiThe large number of machines we have and our extensive stock enable us to guarantee fast delivery of your product.

Our high quality production is the result of a combination of special-ised personnel, experience and passion.

Emmetre supplies small and large batch sizes alike at reasonable prices. We also accept orders for samples and prototypes.

Production – our machines

• 8 automatic, single-spindle bar lathes, 3 to 60 mm of pass, served by automatic loaders;
• 3 sliding, surfacing and screw cutting lathes;
• 1 roller for threading and knurling;
• 1 radial drilling machine;
• 1 automatic band saw;
• 1 manual band saw;
• Other machines such as drills and milling machines for reworking parts.


Our well-stocked warehouse comprises raw materials like steel, aluminium, brass, plastic materials and pipes in different sizes and diameters. All our materials are impeccably organised, enabling us to dispatch orders both quickly and efficiently.

Washing and packing

Washing is the last stage before delivering a high-quality turned part. It is an essential step in the process as parts get covered in both the oil and emulsified water used during processing, as well as residual metal powder. Customised packaging is also available on request and we can manage delivery through a courier , too, fully-respecting the delivery deadlines.