produzioneEmmetre specialises in producing and/or reworking small parts in metal and plastic and manufactures customised parts following the drawings or samples provided by customers.

The company also provides consultancy services and detailed analyses of costs and feasibility when an alternative solution must be found. Emmetre manufactures small metal and plastic parts for a range of industrial sectors, and will both manufacture a single item to use as a sample or prototype and organise mass-production of a part.

Surface protection treatment: galvanisation, chrome plating, burnishing, anodising baths, nickel plating.

Heat treatment: cementation and quenching, tempering, hardening and annealing.

Washing: supply of clean, washed parts, ready for assembly or processing.

Materials and sectors

Here below are just a few of the materials we process for a range of different sectors, including metal carpentry, hydraulics, door and window frames, electromechanics, model-making, the food industry, furniture, HVCA, nautical industry and machines for the food and earth moving industry and agriculture, packaging and fitness.


View the images of the products we’ve manufactured. Our gallery shows a number of pro-cessing examples developed with drawings or samples. Contact us for further information or a cost-free estimate.